Affiliated to CBSE Delhi, No.530151
St. Albans School
Sector-15, Faridabad, Haryana
Swachhata Pakhwada Message : To march towards success, practice cleanliness. सब रोगों की एक ही दवाई , हर तरफ रखो साफ़ -सफाई |

Assessment policy for class Pre-Nursery,
SESSION : 2021-22

The session comprises two terms (semesters).
Semester-1: April to September
Semester-2: October to March

Internal Assessment of each student will be done in Scholastic and Co-scholastic areas.

Scholastic:  The comprehension of the child is gauged on the basis of all the activities done and concepts taught in English, Number Work and EVS.

Co-scholastic:  Students'skills in communication, co-curricular activities, social and personal traits are taken into consideration in this area.

No formal assessment is done at any point of time during the session and no report card is made for the child.

Regular feedback is given to the parents at the PTMs and/or as and when required.

Assessment policy for Classes Nursery & KG
SESSION : 2021-22

Students  of class Nursery and K.G. are assessed continuously on the basis of parameters as below:

Conversational skills
Reading skills
Writing skills
Ability to draw comparison
Comprehension of taught concepts.

These are assessed on the basis of :
Artistic skills
Stamina/ skills
Care of belongings
Neatness of Uniform
Regularity and Punctuality
Spirit of Service
Self – control
Assessment policy for Classes I & II
SESSION : 2021-22

Assessment policy for Classes III - V
SESSION : 2021-22

Assessment policy for Class VI
SESSION : 2021-22
Assessment policy for Class VII
SESSION : 2021-22
Assessment policy for Class VIII
SESSION : 2021-22
Assessment policy for Classes IX & X
SESSION : 2021-22