Affiliated to CBSE Delhi, No.530151
St. Albans School
Sector-15, Faridabad, Haryana

For Admission to Classes Foundation 1, Nursery & KG, Session : 2024-2025, Plz contact the school office for further queries

Aim of St. Albans School’s code of conduct Policy :
■ To provide a framework for the consistent management of all behaviour-related issues. 
■ To develop a school culture within which initiative, responsibility and positive relationships flourish. 
■ To enable students to develop a sense of self-worth, respect and tolerance for others, taking  responsibility  for their own behaviour. 
■ For all students, teachers and parents to work together to create and maintain a safe and supportive  environment that promotes teaching and learning where everyone feels safe,secure and valued.
■ To encourage good behaviour, self-discipline, increasing independence and a strong sense of personal  responsibility by recognising  good behaviour, rather than simply punishing bad behaviour.
■ For all students to have an understanding of choices and consequences; this is based on the setting of clear expectations boundaries  and consequences.
All the below actions will be condemned and severe actions will be taken against the students in case he/she is involved in any type of abusive behaviour:
  1. Lack of respect, and demeaning or foul language
  2. Using unfair means during examination, Cheating or possessing chits or any  electronic  gadgets.
  3. Damage to school property
  4. Bring / Use of gadgets & electronic devices without permission.
  5. Bring any narcotic substance or anything else that is harmful and addictive in nature / causes addiction i.e., substances like tobacco, alcohol, nicotine etc.
  6. Writing indecent remarks/graffiti on desks / on walls/in corridors
  7. Public display of Affection:  Behaviour that is not socially acceptable and hurts the sensibility of others.
  8. Child staying away from school/missing classes repeatedly without any information.
  9. During outdoor trips – damage to site property.
  10. Running away from camp site.
  11. Bullying - Bullying is the unprovoked, intentional, deliberate and repeated   intimidation taken by one or more children with the deliberate  intension of   upsetting, intimidating or hurting another child. The following behaviour are considered to be bullying:
            a) An Imbalance of Power: Children who bully use their power—such as    physical strength, access  to embarrassing information, or  popularity - to control or harm others.
            b) Repetition: Bullying behaviours that happen more than once, in the form    of physical or verbal, or  indirect, which involves psychological or emotional  actions such as being ignored or not spoken to.                
               Examples :
               Physical  –  pushing, kicking, hitting, punching or any use of violence.
               Verbal    –   name calling, sarcasm, spreading rumours, teasing Emotional -  being unfriendly
               Racist    –   racial taunts, graffiti, gestures.
               Gender  –   unwanted physical or verbal contact based on gender Harassment – threatening or 
                                  disturbing behaviour inflicted on another.
               Cyber    –   all areas of the internet, such as email and internet chat rooms, mobile use, any   
                                 misuse of associate technology.
            c) Inappropriate touch of another person.
            d) Wilful destruction of fellow student’s work such as assignments, projects,    Notebooks etc.
            e) Public defamation of school or staff. 

Note : Carrying mobile phone to school is strictly prohibited. Incase a child needs to carry the mobile to school, the child must submit a duly signed application from the parents addressed to the Headmistress seeking permission after mentioning the reason for the child to be allowed to carry the mobile phone to school. It must then be deposited voluntarily at the reception and will be returned to the student at the time of dispersal. And incase the child is found having his/her mobile in the classroom or otherwise in the school premises, the same shall be confiscated